Thursday, December 24, 2009

Grant Lyon's CD - Baby Steps

On June 25, 2009, Grant Lyon featured at the show I produce at the Morgan Hill Playhouse. It was also on this night that Grant recorded his debut CD. That CD is now available! I have listed to it a handful of times already and I think it turned out really well in terms of laughter and sound quality. Plus you can hear me at the very beginning! haha.

You too can own Grant Lyon's debut CD, available on iTunes,, and

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Bay Area Comedy Scene Loses Another Great Person.

Grace White, born Karen Grace White, and also known as "That Old Hippie Chick" passed away on December 3, 2009. She was 59 years old. Grace had accomplished a lot as a comedienne but what she accomplished off the stage was even more impressive.

Grace helped a lot of women in the comedy business. She did a lot of that by creating the Women Who Kick Comedy Butt ( shows. I booked the WWKCB a couple years ago at the Morgan Hill Playhouse. This was shortly before I would find out the Grace was diagnosed with lung cancer.

Instead of giving up, Grace worked harder than ever and fought lung cancer longer than her doctors said she would. She helped spread the word. Comics from all over the Bay Area gave help where they could as Grace was without health insurance.

A definite inspiration to us all... her spirit will live on forever.

Grace White (1950-2009)