Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Who Hates Mass Text Messages?

On Saturday night, we had a small party for my new roommate and friend, Sean. It was also a housewarming party too since Sean, Katie (Sean's Girlfriend), and me all moved into the same place. Prior to the party on Saturday night, I sent out a mass text message to some people apologizing in advance if I happened to drunk text them later in the night. Most of the replies I got said something to the effect of "LOL". . . but one person responded "Was that a mass text?" She wanted to know if I had sent the same text message to multiple people and not just her. I responded, "Yeah, who cares?" She then quickly replied, "I hate those." She is not the first person to tell me they hate mass text messages though. I have only had girls, however, tell me they hate mass text messages. Of course, It got me to thinking why...

Apparently there are enough people against mass text messaging that there is a Facebook Page for people who hate receiving these mass text messages. I understand that marketing texts are annoying but I wasn't marketing anything. When I send a text to a group of people it is because I want to give the same information to the entire group. I'm not going to send a mass text that says "Merry Christmas" and include someone who I know doesn't celebrate Christmas. I can see why a person would be upset in that case. Why should I text each message individually? Would they have the same reaction if I sent the info in an e-mail and CC'd a few other people as well?

Why have only girls complained to me about mass text messages though? Is it a case of jealousy? I KNOW THERE WAS ANOTHER GIRL YOU TEXT THE SAME THING TO! I don't know the answer why... do you?

My first comedy show of the month is tomorrow, June 23rd, after taking a little break. Please come out and check one (or more) of the upcoming shows if you get a chance-

Wednesday - June 23rd - The Gaslighter - Gilroy, CA - 7:30pm
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Thursday - June 24th - Morgan Hill Playhouse - Morgan Hill, CA - 7:30pm
-The monthly comedy show in Morgan Hill that I host/produce. Show features Coree Spencer, Marcella Arguello, and Paul Ogata. www.morganhillcomedy.com

Thursday - July 1 - Blue Lagoon - Santa Cruz, CA - 8:30pm
- Check out a great lineup of comedians from around the Bay Area. Free Admission, Ages 21 and over. www.thebluelagoon.com

Friday - July 9 - Bunjo's Comedy Club - Dublin, CA - 7:30pm
- Come see John Dekoven, Rudy Martinez, Rick Romero, and myself. http://www.bunjoscomedy.com/calendar.html

Tuesday - July 20 - Castagnola's - San Francisco, CA - 8pm
- The best and brightest comedians in a hilarious fast paced showcase. $5 admission and 2 item minimum.

Thursday - July 22 - Miss Pearl's Jam House - Oakland, CA - 8pm
- with Drew Harmon, Bob Johnston, and Brendan Lynch.

Tuesday - July 27 - Improv - San Jose, CA - 8pm
- I am competing in a Comedy Competition at the San Jose Improv and this is the preliminary round night. Please come out to this show and vote for me. Winning this competition will only help my career and I would be forever grateful.
See Lineup and Get tickets here:

Excuse me while I rant about the A's and baseball...

If you only knew one thing about me then it is probably the fact that I am a big baseball fan. My favorite team, the Oakland A's, begin play in about 20 minutes against the Cincinnati Reds. I watched the A's play the Reds last night which makes me a little hesitant to even watch the game tonight... As an A's fan, it was hard to watch.

The manager of the A's, Bob Geren, has got to go. I've said this before and I'm saying it again. Is that the only move that needs to be made? No. But it is the first move that should be made.

Bob Geren brought in closer Andrew Bailey (2009 AL All-Star and Rookie of the Year) in the top of the 9th in a game tied at 1. I knew right away this would not work. If you have watched the A's like I have this year then you know that Bailey is not the same pitcher in a tie game that he is in a save situation (that means with his team leading by 1-3 runs in case you were wondering). For whatever reason, Bailey does not seem to have the save adrenaline and effectiveness when entering in a tie game. Before I knew it, the Reds were up by the score 2-1. The A's did come back to tie the game at 2 in the bottom of the 9th only to end up losing 6-4... like I said, it was hard to watch. I wonder how the hell is it that I see this constant problem with Bailey and Geren does not? Part of managing is to understand what situations certain players excel in. . . Geren doesn't seem to be doing that.

One of my favorite baseball movies is Little Big League in which a young kid named Billy Heywood becomes manager of his favorite team, the Minnesota Twins, while they are in a serious funk, and after Billy's grandpa,who owns the team, dies.

Now I'm not as young as the character of Billy is in this movie (In fact, AJ Hinch, a former A's draft pick, is the current - and youngest - manager of the Arizona Diamondbacks at age 36 - after his Major League playing career didn't pan out as hoped).

But if I was given a shot at making some decisions for the A's right now, here is what I would do...(and yes, I'm taking the fact that they are a small market team into consideration)

Fire Bob Geren - if anything it gives the team a shot in the arm and tells them not to take anything for granted.

Don't let Brad Ziegler pitch to lefties - I like Ziegler like a lot of A's fans do, but he is having a tough time getting left handed hitters out - maybe all he needs is to gain confidence facing righties only for a while.

Put Michael Wuertz in blow-out games only - He is not pitching like himself right now. He started the season on the DL and doesn't seem to have found his form yet. It is better to have him pitch in non-pressure situations.

Send Tyson Ross to the minors and release or trade Jack Cust - Tyson Ross was a nice story out of Spring Training and was effective at first but he has been disastrous lately. He should be sent back to AAA Sacramento for more seasoning. Jack Cust started the year in the minors but the A's brought him back. The A's outfield is crowded and Cust sucks defensively. On offense, he is a good rally killer. He will hit the occasional solo home run though when the A's are losing 6-0 .... but that means Jack shit. (see what I did there?)

Promote Chris Carter from AAA Sacramento - He may be hitting only .238 in AAA Sacramento but he has 15 home runs and 53 RBIs as well. I would like to see the 3 thru 6 part of the lineup look like this - Conor Jackson, Chris Carter, Kurt Suzuki, Kevin Kouzmanoff. Looks a lot better to me. Carter could play DH (instead of Cust) or he could replace Daric Barton at First Base now and then.

Stop bringing in Andrew Bailey to pitch tie games
- You knew that one was coming, right?

::sigh::.... I know the A's have a small market team and can't afford to spend money on players like the Yankees, Red Sox, and Dodgers.... but that doesn't mean they shouldn't still try to compete with what they have.... and be smart (cough, Geren, cough) about it.