Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Who Hates Mass Text Messages?

On Saturday night, we had a small party for my new roommate and friend, Sean. It was also a housewarming party too since Sean, Katie (Sean's Girlfriend), and me all moved into the same place. Prior to the party on Saturday night, I sent out a mass text message to some people apologizing in advance if I happened to drunk text them later in the night. Most of the replies I got said something to the effect of "LOL". . . but one person responded "Was that a mass text?" She wanted to know if I had sent the same text message to multiple people and not just her. I responded, "Yeah, who cares?" She then quickly replied, "I hate those." She is not the first person to tell me they hate mass text messages though. I have only had girls, however, tell me they hate mass text messages. Of course, It got me to thinking why...

Apparently there are enough people against mass text messaging that there is a Facebook Page for people who hate receiving these mass text messages. I understand that marketing texts are annoying but I wasn't marketing anything. When I send a text to a group of people it is because I want to give the same information to the entire group. I'm not going to send a mass text that says "Merry Christmas" and include someone who I know doesn't celebrate Christmas. I can see why a person would be upset in that case. Why should I text each message individually? Would they have the same reaction if I sent the info in an e-mail and CC'd a few other people as well?

Why have only girls complained to me about mass text messages though? Is it a case of jealousy? I KNOW THERE WAS ANOTHER GIRL YOU TEXT THE SAME THING TO! I don't know the answer why... do you?

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  1. Mass texting is like spamming, don't give me the same song & dance you give everyone else. Texting is more personal since it's via phone, if you want to talk to someone you have to call them directly instead of conference calling a bunch of people.

    I wasn't offended about the mass text, but I AM offended at the non-invite to your raging party ahemmmmm lol

  2. Eh, I dont care about them it just gets annoying if its someone looking for sympathy or saying they are drunk/wasted.

    Party was full, sorry