Monday, May 31, 2010

Don't Feed The Yuppies

A lot of you that follow me on facebook and twitter may have already seen the following clip. In case you missed it though, here is the short film that I participated in along with some fellow comedians, titled Don't Feed the Yuppies. Filmed on a hot day in the Summer of 2009, here is the final project (make sure your flash player is updated) -

Please let me know what you think and if you like it then please click "funny."

Monday, May 17, 2010

Some photos from my SoCal trip

Some Pictures from my hotel...

The Fridge

The Fridge after I made modifications.

Matt, myself, and Chris Valenti at O'Brien's in Santa Monica

This one is obvious...
RikkiAnn and myself in Santa Monica

"The Big A" at Angel Stadium

Day 4.5 of SoCal trip and back home...

Today I got up around 8am and left the hotel around 9:30am and headed to Cecily and Dan's place in Sherman Oaks to meet up with them before the A's-Angels game in Anaheim. I got to their place at about 10:30am and we then proceeded to pick up James and Andrew (I hope I didn't get either of their names wrong - I went to school with them two as well - but they were in the film department so we didn't cross paths all that often). After we had Dan's Ford Focus full with 5 people, we got a quick bite to eat at a nearby Jack-In-The-Box (No, I'm not writing a review for them).

We got the Angel Stadium in Anaheim shortly before game time and I was amazed that parking was only $8. Parking is $15 or so in Oakland. And of course, Angel Stadium is a lot nicer too.

Unfortunately, the game didn't go as hoped for us A's fans. Joel Pineiro of the Angels may have pitched really well against the A's, but it looked more like the A's weren't even trying to make him throw many pitches. The lack of offense by the A's - and really there wasn't a whole lot by the Angels either - made it a rather quick game. In one hour, it was already the 5th inning. I think Dan left to get a beer in the 3rd inning and when he came back it was already the 6th inning.

Cecily and I yelled at the Oakland players to do something but alas, the A's did not even score once, and lost 4-0. Despite the loss, I am glad that I got to go to Angel Stadium for the first time. It is another Major League ballpark to mark off on my list.

An Angels fan told us after the game, "Sorry we beat you guys. Maybe next time." I responded by saying, "Why are you apologizing? I didn't see you on the field."

After the game, Dan took us back through traffic to his and Cecily's place and I got my car and made my way back for San Jose... I got back home shortly after 9:30pm...

Overall, I really enjoyed my stay there. I am glad I got to see some of my friends that live in the area while I was there and was happy they took the time to hang out with me. I got to meet new comedians and all the people that booked me told me to let them know when I am back in the area - so that has to be a good thing, right?

It was fun learning experience and I am happy I made the trip because it was a goal I had set for myself this year. I should make more goals.... so my next goal will be to think of a new goal.

I should have some pictures posted from the trip in my next blog...

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Day 4 of SoCal Trip

I slept in a little bit again today and got ready for my my day.

Shortly after 1:00pm, my good friend, RikkiAnn (see her blog here) arrived from Santa Ana to hang out with me. We headed toward Main St. in Santa Monica, parked, and just walked the streets as we talked and took some photos. We eventually made our way to Border Grill on 4th St. I ordered what were basically some chicken tacos and she ordered the grilled fish tacos. Before we even ordered, RikkiAnn told me that she was going to pay for whatever I wanted and not to argue against it. In addition to the food we ordered, she ordered a Sangria and and I ordered a Strawberry Margarita (we both asked for our drinks on the rocks).

The food arrived to our table quicker than we expected which was neat. When we received the bill, RikkiAnn grabbed it quickly so I didn't attempt to pay. Read my full review of the restaurant here.

I told RikkiAnn, "thanks for lunch."
She said, "thanks for visiting."
I said, "thanks for visiting where I was visiting."

After lunch, we leisurely walked back to where her car was parked (we paid for 3 hours in the parking meter). I stopped at the nearby Coffee Bean first and ordered a drink that RikkiAnn had said was one of her favorites. We sat in front of Coffee Bean for a little bit and were about to leave, but I said that I wanted to ask someone to take a photo of us first. Not a second later, a woman comes down the sidewalk and does a leap like a ballerina. It was like "Here I am to take your photo!" RikkiAnn says, "She'll do it." And she did.

She brought me back to my hotel around 4:45pm so I could get ready for my show in Hollywood. I would have liked to hang out with her longer - but some time was better than no time at all.

I took off for Hollywood shortly after 5pm and got there around 6:15pm. I was told to arrive at the Green Room at 6:30pm to check-in. I ended up being the first comedian to show up. The show actually turned out to be a show by comedians mostly for comedians. I was only person sitting up front so the other comedians used me to riff on. This included a comedian in drag who said to me, "I can see you are looking at me. Most women have an innie clit, I have an outtie."
Another comic across the room says to me, "you ready to go back to San Jose now?"
Since it was a show that was mostly watched by comedians, I can't really say how well I did. Comedians have a weird thing about laughing real hard for other comedians - they usually don't.
I wanted to stick around and support everyone going on stage but the show went on forever. Eventually, I took off around 10:30pm. I would have liked to roam Hollywood Blvd. a little bit more but my contacts were bothering my eyes.

They kept a star blank for me!

I went to a nearby gift store and got myself a few mementos from my trip. To friends who are expecting a gift from me when I get back to San Jose, sorry, I didn't get you anything. Just thought I'd tell you that now.

I will be writing my next blog from home. I head back to San Jose tomorrow, but I am going to the Angels-A's game in Anaheim with Cecily and Dan first....I have yet to see Angel Stadium so it will be nice way to end the trip. Especially if the A's win.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Day 3 of SoCal Trip

Today marked the middle day of my trip to SoCal... turned out to be less eventful than I would have liked for different reasons. I slept until about 9 this morning and got up and got ready like usual. I then went online to look for a breakfast place but by the time I found one that seemed interesting it was already around lunch time.

I decided to take a walk down the street and have lunch at an Italian place called Mosto Enoteca. Let me say, if you are ever in the Marina Del Rey area and want some good Italian food, check this place out. You can read my review by clicking here.

After lunch, I walked back on the other side of the street and decided to stop by Joni's Coffee Roasting Company and I ordered a Large Iced Vanilla Latte. Want to know what it looked like? Too bad... here is a picture of it:

If you want read my review of place then you can do so by clicking here.

I walked back to the hotel after Joni's and watched the last 3 innings of the Cubs-Pirates game that was on TV. I was pleased that the Pirates' Andrew McCutchen had a great game since he is on my Fantasy Team.

I talked online with my good friend RikkiAnn, who lives in Santa Ana, and we discussed ideas on what we're going to do during the day tomorrow, as she is going to drive here and meet up with me. Whatever we do, I know it will be fun.

I left at 7pm tonight for Long Beach to do a show at iCandy Coffee shop.... but unfortunately, I never arrived. If you were there to see me, I truly apologize. I made the following video to explain what happened:

Well, that is all for now... look for a much more exciting blog tomorrow, my last full day here... I get to hang out with one of my best friends and do a show in Hollywood tomorrow... you can't beat that!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Day 2 of SoCal trip

I got up rather early today - 7:30am - which to me is early for someone who is on a vacation. Why did I wake up so early, you ask? I wanted to check out the free continental breakfast the hotel offers! FREE?! Oh yeah. So I showered and dressed and all of those "I'm getting ready for the day" type things and went to check out the breakfast. There were two old ladies who mistook the butter for coffee cream.... and then there was a cute girl working behind the counter. Then there was me, who had problems opening the door to get into the place. Women like that, I hear. Haha.

They had bagels and eggos and a couple toasters available for use. They had coffee, juice, and fruit. They also had four different selections of cereal. I decided to go with some Raisin Bran (which is funny because I hardly ever eat cereal at home) and a cup of coffee.

Will I be waking up this early tomorrow? Probably not.

I came back to my room for a bit and realized that the cup of coffee with breakfast wasn't going to cut it... my dear friend, RikkiAnn, had told me that Coffee Bean was the place to check out in SoCal for coffee. So I took a walk down the street - and realized it was already pretty hot outside at 9:30am - and went to the nearest Coffee Bean. Check out my review of the Coffee Bean by clicking here.

I came back to the hotel with coffee in hand and discovered that room service had already cleaned my room. (I had only been gone about 20 minutes!)

Later on in the day, around 2:30pm, I headed toward 3rd St. Promenade which is one of happening spots in Santa Monica. The street has a lot of eating places as well as shops. I met a longtime friend from my days playing Little League Baseball, Matt Mackowski. He also went to the same high school as me though he graduated a year earlier. For lunch, Matt recommended, Barney's Beanerey. So we had lunch and talked. We were there from about 3pm to 4:30pm. Read my review of Barney's Beanerey by clicking here.

I came back to the hotel after lunch... what is about a 5 mile drive back took me 30+ minutes... thank you LA traffic! It was then time to get ready for the show at O'Brien's in Santa Monica.

I got to O'Brien's around 8pm and met up with Matt again - as he stuck around in the area to see the comedy show. Then I just waited my turn on stage. After a couple comedians had done their sets, someone taps my back. I turn around and it is Chris Valenti! In case you don't know who Chris Valenti is, he is probably best known for being the driver in this popular car commercial from years ago. Chris had performed at O'Brien's a week ago on May 6th and I had sent him a note that I had missed him by a week. My note led him to come by O'Brien's again this week. Chris has also performed a couple times at my show that I produce in Morgan Hill.

I ended up being the last comedian to go on stage. I didn't expect to be the one closing out the show. Unfortunately, they ran out of time too as I had to wrap up my set sooner than I anticipated. Not everyone in the place was paying attention either so it was tough to get a good read of things.

After the show, Chris, Matt, and I all had a drink and chatted for a while about comedy, writing, and the ladies. If you know Chris and his music then you know he has a lot of stories/songs about dealing with ladies...

So even though I felt my set was somewhat rushed due to time and just so-so overall, it was really cool to hang out and chat with Chris and Matt afterwards. (I took pictures this time too - which will be up sometime shortly after I get back home).

That's all for now... until next time...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Day 1 of SoCal trip

I just got back to my hotel a little while ago from the Punk House Show booked by Ed Galvez at the Westside Comedy Theatre ( in Santa Monica. For my first night in the area and the more-than-usual type nerves I had, I thought my set turned out pretty well. I was very happy to see my college friend, Cecily Ryan, and her boyfriend, Dan Trujillo, come to the show. (that's right, I just linked to their IMDB pages.) It is always cool when a few friends come to a show - and even more so when it is at a place that is 300+ miles from my home. It was also really cool that Ryan Stout made a surprise appearance! (I feel like an idiot now for not getting my picture taken with him)

I stumbled through my words in the beginning a bit due to the nerves but eventually I got back on track - so overall, I am pleased. I didn't film the set tonight - so sorry if anyone wanted to see it. I will try to film my set tomorrow night at O'Brien's.

I didn't really do much else today except drive here from San Jose. I arrived to the hotel around 2pm and pretty much just watched baseball and fooled around on facebook. I also ordered a pizza. I was so worn out from driving that I didn't really feel like walking around the town today.

My drive here had an interesting moment. I was on Pacheco Pass headed toward I-5 when I saw this big dirt cloud go up on the side of the road about 3 cars ahead of me. Suddenly, everyone braked. Someone's car had gone off the side of the road and into some trees. A lot of people stopped and pulled over. I drove carefully through and kept going. Not because I am heartless and don't care but 1) there were like 5 people who had already stopped to help 2) I would just stand there and be worried and not much of a help anyway 3) No need for me to stop and create even more traffic.

Aside from having to see that incident occur (I hope they are ok... I see no reports online).... the drive to SoCal went well.

Until tomorrow... thanks for reading.

Southern California, I have arrived!

Hey everybody - I arrived in Southern California after a drive from San Jose about 2 and a half hours ago. Now it is time to do some comedy. Please come check out one of the following shows if you live in the area! Thanks!

Wednesday, May 12th @ 9pm
Punk House Show
Westside Comedy Theater
1323-A 3rd Street Promenade
Santa Monica, CA 90401
Admission: $8

Thursday, May 13th @ 8pm
O'brien's Irish Pub and Restaurant
2941 Main Street
Santa Monica, CA 90405
Admission: Free, Ages 21 and over.

Friday, May 14th @ 9pm
iCandy Coffee
1708 E Broadway
Long Beach, CA 90802
Admission: Free
Note: It might just be a coffee shop...but there will be comedy!

Saturday, May 15th @ 7pm
The Green Room
6756 Hollywood Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90068
Admission: Free

Hope everyone can make it to at least one of the shows! TELL YOUR FRIENDS TOO!
Let's do this!!!

Wes Hofmann