Monday, May 17, 2010

Day 4.5 of SoCal trip and back home...

Today I got up around 8am and left the hotel around 9:30am and headed to Cecily and Dan's place in Sherman Oaks to meet up with them before the A's-Angels game in Anaheim. I got to their place at about 10:30am and we then proceeded to pick up James and Andrew (I hope I didn't get either of their names wrong - I went to school with them two as well - but they were in the film department so we didn't cross paths all that often). After we had Dan's Ford Focus full with 5 people, we got a quick bite to eat at a nearby Jack-In-The-Box (No, I'm not writing a review for them).

We got the Angel Stadium in Anaheim shortly before game time and I was amazed that parking was only $8. Parking is $15 or so in Oakland. And of course, Angel Stadium is a lot nicer too.

Unfortunately, the game didn't go as hoped for us A's fans. Joel Pineiro of the Angels may have pitched really well against the A's, but it looked more like the A's weren't even trying to make him throw many pitches. The lack of offense by the A's - and really there wasn't a whole lot by the Angels either - made it a rather quick game. In one hour, it was already the 5th inning. I think Dan left to get a beer in the 3rd inning and when he came back it was already the 6th inning.

Cecily and I yelled at the Oakland players to do something but alas, the A's did not even score once, and lost 4-0. Despite the loss, I am glad that I got to go to Angel Stadium for the first time. It is another Major League ballpark to mark off on my list.

An Angels fan told us after the game, "Sorry we beat you guys. Maybe next time." I responded by saying, "Why are you apologizing? I didn't see you on the field."

After the game, Dan took us back through traffic to his and Cecily's place and I got my car and made my way back for San Jose... I got back home shortly after 9:30pm...

Overall, I really enjoyed my stay there. I am glad I got to see some of my friends that live in the area while I was there and was happy they took the time to hang out with me. I got to meet new comedians and all the people that booked me told me to let them know when I am back in the area - so that has to be a good thing, right?

It was fun learning experience and I am happy I made the trip because it was a goal I had set for myself this year. I should make more goals.... so my next goal will be to think of a new goal.

I should have some pictures posted from the trip in my next blog...

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