Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Stress Test

So I took this Stress Test (aka Treadmill Test) at Kaiser in San Jose on July 9th and that was interesting to say the least.

First of all, the co-pay was $70.00 so I don't know how that is supposed to reduce my stress.

I get in the room and they start hooking me up with the EKG devices to monitor my heart which was expected. They also put an IV in my left arm which I did not expect.

Now, I have never walked on a treadmill before this so it was a new experience to me in many ways. I begin walking then one of the assistants on my right side tells me to stick out my arm and keep my palm up. "Don't look at me" she says, as I try to do what she says while walking at the same time.

Then there is a doctor on my left hand side that keeps asking me questions. "Is this the normal pace you go when you go walking?" I'm a smartass with my response and say "well, the ground doesn't usually move when I go walking so I have no idea." But that was the truth... I had no idea if it was my usual walking pace.

Eventually, the test ends - although I am keeping pace fine, my blood pressure had dropped. It is supposed to go up, not down, when exercising. It basically proved what they already knew and that is that my heart valve is narrow...

My next step won't be on a treadmill but in San Francisco next week when I get an MRI. Then I will know whether or not I need surgery shortly afterwards. I'm not really scared (yet anyway)... but it is annoying to not know what the near future holds for me just yet.  I have booked a couple shows for August but have decided to hold off on booking anything else until I get a better idea of what will happen.

I plan on starting a podcast soon - not sure what to name it yet - but I figure it'll be something I can sometimes do while still in recovery at least.

I met a girl last month at the Redwood Comedy Festival in Humboldt County... I was so sure she was "the one" that I even went out of my way to go visit her 3 weeks later (after she said she liked the idea of me visiting too)... It was about a 6 hour drive. Then after I arrived and told her I was there, I never heard from her. I just don't get it... I somehow though got over it....willing to give it another chance.... I then attempted to visit her again recently when she was in SF (her idea), but when I get there she seemed to turn into a completely different person and acts like it was never her idea for me to come visit. That was the end of the line for me. Oh well, I took a chance and I will learn from it for sure. If two people like each other, it should NEVER be that much work.

Anyway, what's up ladies?