Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tales from Wes HaHa Hofmann

What's up readers of my blog? (I think I have three or four of you now!) I just thought I'd share some stories of some past shows and give some updates on upcoming shows. I meant to write a blog sooner than this but I have been busy with the day job, comedy shows, and watching baseball.

On April 6th, I did my first show at Castagnola's, located on the Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco. I may not live in San Francisco, but I do know there are lots of people on the street sidewalks trying different things to make money. I was running a little late and walking down the street on Fisherman's Wharf and a guy stops me and says he would like to shine my shoes! This is hysterical to me because I'm wearing some New Balance tennis shoes. How do you even shine those? I tell the guy that I am running a little late and have to get to Castagnola's down the street. He says, "If I can tell you where you got those shoes will you let me shine them?"

Knowing there is no way he could possibly guess that I got them at Sports Authority in San Jose, I said, "go for it." So he points at my left shoe and says, "You got this one on your left foot" then he points at my right shoe, "And you got this one on your right foot." I laugh and shake his hand as I congratulate him on being clever and fooling me.

He then proceeds to rub each of my shoes for a nanosecond and asks for $2. I give him $2 for being clever and then I asked him if he knew how far away Castagnola's was.... he didn't say, but a homeless guy sitting down with a sign asking for money looks at me and says, "It is two more blocks down the road." Too bad I didn't have any money to give him.

The show at Castagnola's was a lot of fun with some amazing comedians including Coree Spencer, Brendan Lynch, Dean Inouye, and even Laurie Kilmartin (who has appeared on Comedy Central and Jimmy Kimmel). The last three comedians to go on stage were Laurie, myself, and Brendan. I knew that I would really have to bring it since I was following Laurie and I am pretty proud with the way my set turned out that night. I had so much energy that the crowd might have thought I was on drugs. . . like a real star.

At Castagnola's

On April 8th, I did a show at a pizza joint (yeah, that's right) called Mission Pizza in Fremont. Sammy Obeid headlined the show (he is also the one that started the comedy nights at Mission Pizza on every other Thursday.) I went to the show with a couple of my good friends and they decided to buy some heavy beer with our pizza before the show. It was some sort of Double IPA... so I started my set of the family-friendly show by saying the F-bomb twice in my introduction sentence. I'll blame the beer. Mission Pizza is a tough room sometimes though as a lot of people were chatting during the show and not actually watching, but still I try to do my best wherever I go.

The funniest part of the night came during Sammy Obeid's headlining set. Sammy opens one of his jokes by saying, "Women should take premature ejaculation as a compliment..." and one of my buddies yells out, "EXACTLY!" I started laughing non-stop. He was embarassed and it was great.

Here are some upcoming shows of mine - I will be in the Los Angeles area from May 12th thru May 16th so stay tuned for more show details for those dates as well!

-Thursday, April 22, Blue Lagoon in Santa Cruz, CA -8:30pm

-Wednesday, April 28, The Gasligher in Gilroy, CA - 7:30pm

-Thursday, April 29, Morgan Hill Playhouse in Morgan Hill, CA - 7:30pm

-Wednesday, May 12, Punk House Show @ Westside Comedy Theater in Santa Monica, CA-9pm

-Wednesday, May 19, Rooster T. Feathers in Sunnyvale, CA - 8pm

As always, stay tuned to my site at for upcoming show information!