Sunday, May 16, 2010

Day 4 of SoCal Trip

I slept in a little bit again today and got ready for my my day.

Shortly after 1:00pm, my good friend, RikkiAnn (see her blog here) arrived from Santa Ana to hang out with me. We headed toward Main St. in Santa Monica, parked, and just walked the streets as we talked and took some photos. We eventually made our way to Border Grill on 4th St. I ordered what were basically some chicken tacos and she ordered the grilled fish tacos. Before we even ordered, RikkiAnn told me that she was going to pay for whatever I wanted and not to argue against it. In addition to the food we ordered, she ordered a Sangria and and I ordered a Strawberry Margarita (we both asked for our drinks on the rocks).

The food arrived to our table quicker than we expected which was neat. When we received the bill, RikkiAnn grabbed it quickly so I didn't attempt to pay. Read my full review of the restaurant here.

I told RikkiAnn, "thanks for lunch."
She said, "thanks for visiting."
I said, "thanks for visiting where I was visiting."

After lunch, we leisurely walked back to where her car was parked (we paid for 3 hours in the parking meter). I stopped at the nearby Coffee Bean first and ordered a drink that RikkiAnn had said was one of her favorites. We sat in front of Coffee Bean for a little bit and were about to leave, but I said that I wanted to ask someone to take a photo of us first. Not a second later, a woman comes down the sidewalk and does a leap like a ballerina. It was like "Here I am to take your photo!" RikkiAnn says, "She'll do it." And she did.

She brought me back to my hotel around 4:45pm so I could get ready for my show in Hollywood. I would have liked to hang out with her longer - but some time was better than no time at all.

I took off for Hollywood shortly after 5pm and got there around 6:15pm. I was told to arrive at the Green Room at 6:30pm to check-in. I ended up being the first comedian to show up. The show actually turned out to be a show by comedians mostly for comedians. I was only person sitting up front so the other comedians used me to riff on. This included a comedian in drag who said to me, "I can see you are looking at me. Most women have an innie clit, I have an outtie."
Another comic across the room says to me, "you ready to go back to San Jose now?"
Since it was a show that was mostly watched by comedians, I can't really say how well I did. Comedians have a weird thing about laughing real hard for other comedians - they usually don't.
I wanted to stick around and support everyone going on stage but the show went on forever. Eventually, I took off around 10:30pm. I would have liked to roam Hollywood Blvd. a little bit more but my contacts were bothering my eyes.

They kept a star blank for me!

I went to a nearby gift store and got myself a few mementos from my trip. To friends who are expecting a gift from me when I get back to San Jose, sorry, I didn't get you anything. Just thought I'd tell you that now.

I will be writing my next blog from home. I head back to San Jose tomorrow, but I am going to the Angels-A's game in Anaheim with Cecily and Dan first....I have yet to see Angel Stadium so it will be nice way to end the trip. Especially if the A's win.

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