Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Main Event Comedy Show

The Main Event Comedy Show took place in Carmichael, California, last night. Carmichael is near Sacramento for those of you who did not know. It was a great chance for some of my family to see me that had never seen my comedy before. I had nine people come see me perform last night and that is always an awesome thing. Apparently, I am a "Bay Area Favorite" too... at least, that's what the flyer says:

My Uncle Rodger had fun referring to me as the Bay Area Favorite as he walked in the door. The room and audience turned out to be nicer than I expected. My only complaint is that the place was too hot and at times uncomfortable. A lot of my family felt the same way. I feel that my set went well though I may have rushed a little bit at times. Dave Burleigh told me that my delivery gets better every time. That was nice to hear from a comedian as experienced as Dave. Check him out on YouTube if you haven't seen him before. My next scheduled show is at the Gaslighter in Gilory on June 24th with Tim Babb and Adam Norwest.

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