Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Everybody Sneezes

Everybody sneezes. We all know that this is a fact. Some people sneeze more than others. Sometimes a person will sneeze just once and that is all. Sometimes a person will sneeze 2,3,4, or more times in a row. Sneezes generally occur unexpectedly and are beyond our control.

Yet some people choose to ignore these human elements as facts. I'm sure we all know someone who sneezes so softly that we wonder why they even bothered to sneeze at all. I know a girl who simply makes a "meep" sound when she sneezes after a huge build up. That's like seeing a good preview then a crappy movie.

For example, this is a rather weak sneeze:

Really? That's a sneeze? Now I know this is YouTube and she could be faking her pathetic sneeze but if she did that, then that would be even dumber than the sneeze itself. It sounds like she just said, "choo" and that was all.

This guy seems to have no fear when letting his sneeze out.(fast forward to the end for the actual sneeze):

Some people love sneezing so much that they upload 60-plus videos containing sneezes! Don't believe me? Click here.

The worst thing to do is hold in a sneeze. They can lead to injuries and can turn into a really shitty situation....(please don't watch the next video if you're easily disgusted)

Hey, I warned you.

So the lesson here today? Do not be ashamed of your sneeze and do not hold in your sneezes or bad things could happen.

Babies love it when you sneeze anyway....

Bless You for reading.


  1. mine used to be confused for a cough, but now I am making them louder so people know!

  2. And who doesn't love making babies with giant dolphin foreheads laugh?