Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Note U Wrote

As is the case with just about every weekday morning, I got up early and walked to my car around 6:30am to head to work. This morning was a little different though, when I found the following note on my car window:

As you can see, the note reads, "Wes - U may be a joke but your parking job is pathetic!"

Now, I admit, it wasn't the best parking job in the world by me, but I was between the white lines. The person that ended up parking next to me had a huge van. My license plate is personalized and says "WES JOKE" and has said that ever since I started driving. That is how they knew my name. Nice bit of clue grabbing by this note writer. I live in an apartment complex with mostly teachers - as it is teacher housing.

The fact that I got the above note from someone living in this complex is what made it even funnier to me -

1) You're a teacher, of course you are going to have a pad of paper and pen on you to write random notes!

2) You're a teacher, shouldn't you have a pen that actually works to write a note? (notice how the pen changes starting with the "g" in "parking.") I know, I know, budget cuts, right?

3) It is "you," not "u." U failed here. I expect a teacher to know the proper spelling.

4) Your attempt at wit is amusing. Isn't "being a joke" and "being pathetic" the same thing? When you use "but" in a sentence, you should have two contrasting ideas. Valid effort....but no.

5) You underlined "pathetic" twice... if you wanted to show emphasis in the word, I would suggest italics, moron.

So while I don't think this note was neccessary - I do appreciate it because it gave me something write a blog about, and for that, I thank u.


  1. i wonder hugh wrotes U da notes? May-b it kould bee a non-teacher like us too.

  2. If not a teacher...who are they to GRADE my parking?

  3. And why is "pathetic" the only word in cursive? That's like switching fonts for no good reason... typeface fail...

  4. And if your gonna use ruled paper, stay in the lines! Now that's a pathetic joke Wes.