Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 - In a Nutshell

The year 2013 provided many memorable moments for me personally (comedy shows - my favorite baseball team, the Oakland A's winning the AL West again - my favorite football team, the San Francisco 49ers being in the Super Bowl - to name a few) but also some moments I could have done without (moving back in with my parents...ugh) - WHAT'S UP, LADIES?!? ... but overall, 2013 was a pretty good year.

I decided in the beginning of the year that it would be my last as host/producer of the monthly comedy shows at 9 Lives Club in Gilroy, CA and the Playhouse in Morgan Hill, CA.  I started hosting/producing comedy shows in Morgan Hill in the Summer of 2006. In 2009, due to the success of the Morgan Hill show,  I started producing another show in Gilroy at The Gaslighter, which in 2010 became the 9 Lives Club. I booked the same talent for both shows. The Gilroy show was on the last Wednesday of the month and the Morgan Hill show was the following night.

Why did I decide to stop now?

When I started running the comedy shows, my goal was to provide comedians with a venue in which they could get some valuable stage time. This meant each comedian would get at least 10 minutes which is more than the 3-5 minutes a comedian would get at most open mic nights. I wanted audiences that expected comedy when they walked into the venue. While open mics in bars are great for building your routine, it is hard to judge your material when not everyone there showed up expecting to seeing a performance.  Finally, I wanted to pay the comedians and hopefully make a little money myself. With help from some great sponsors, I was able to establish all of these. I had accomplished everything I had set out to do. I even recorded and produced my first comedy album, Slow Child.

I felt that not only was I ready for the change but so was the audience. While I appreciated all the regulars, I could only imagine what it was like to hear a lot of the same jokes over and over each month. While I did try adding new material to each show it wasn't always a success.

Finally, I plan on moving. As mentioned in a previous blog, I am hoping to move to the Sacramento area soon. So I figured it was best to have a set date for my last show instead of just leaving randomly.

Here is a look at the comedians I worked with in Gilroy and Morgan Hill in 2013 -

January 2013 - with Griffin Daley (center) and Michael Mancini.

February 2013 - With Liz Grant, Kate Willett, and Danny Allen.

March 2013 - With Harmony McElligott and Sammy Obeid(center). Brendan Lynch was also on this show but photos of him are rare.

April 2013 - With Eddy Jayson (left), DNA, and Dan St. Paul (right).

May 2013 - with Anthony Hill, Melanie Bega, and Matt Gubser (right).

June 2013 - with Mark Pitta (center) and Norm Goldblatt. Paul Green was also on this show but not pictured.

July 2013 - with Dave Burleigh and PX Floro-Carrasco. Jesse Hett was also in this show, but not pictured.

August 2013 - with Bryce Druzin, Marc Yaffee, and Mike Betancourt (right).
Marc Yaffee recorded his comedy album in Morgan Hill.

September 2013 - with Milt Abel (center) and Pete Munoz. Sean McKenzie was also on the bill but not in picture.

October 2013 - with Dan Mires, Sam Meeker, and Cory Robinson (dressed as Mike Tyson). Butch Escobar was also on the bill but not pictured.

November 2013 - my final show as host/producer with fan favorites - Michael Mancini and Huck Flyn

After the conclusion of the November 2013 show in Morgan Hill, I was shocked and speechless when the Mayor or Morgan Hill, Steve Tate, came up on stage to present me with this Certificate of Recognition. 

Even though I am moving on myself - hopefully I will start another show in the Sacramento Area - I knew that this shouldn't mean that the shows in Gilroy and Morgan Hill should just end because I was leaving. Unfortunately, 9 Lives Club in Gilroy ended up losing their lease but the show in Morgan Hill will continue and Sam Meeker is the guy I chose to take over my duties as host/producer. I know he will do great.

Here is a cool flyer for the first show where Sam is the man in charge - should be great!

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  1. You had a great run in Morgan Hill/Gilroy! Whenever I went the shows were always fun and you went out on top (unlike those A's...lol sorry). Hoping the 49ers will treat us to another superbowl in 2014 and this time win, otherwise it will look like someone shit in our cereal...BONG! And yes please move to Sacramento!