Tuesday, January 15, 2019

The Random Things That Pop Into My Head

Every now and then, a random thought will pop into my head which I think is funny.
As a comedian, that is to be expected. However, sometimes I know the joke will only work in that moment and not at a comedy club the following week. So my jokes for these such moments usually wind up being shared on my Facebook page.  Some examples are below:

This post was made shortly before Christmas -

This post was made the day before the New Year -

This post was made on New Year's Day -

I made this post when I went back to my day job for the first time in 2019 -

I was walking by a Sport Clips (a barber shop where they have TVs
to watch sporting events while getting your hair cut) and this thought
entered my head -

I was on my way home from a show in Pacifica and this conversation
entered my head.The convo never happened but I was thinking of the
glass half empty, glass half full question and this was my response for
the perfect answer -

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