Friday, September 11, 2020

An Update About Nothing Exciting

Time to write a new blog post about all the recent exciting things happening in my life!

Nothing. Nothing really at all.

I had the week off work last week for a mental health break which was nice, but I wasn't really able to go anywhere to unwind. Not only does Covid-19 still have places closed and not allowing me to visit my friends, but now there are wildfires all over California too. Actually, they're all over the Pacific Northwest. I haven't opened a window at my apartment for over 3 weeks now due to smoky conditions. I'm lucky that I haven't had to evacuate (yet), but it is all really sad. I had a good streak of playing tennis every Saturday with my uncle, but now I don't know when I'll even be able to exercise safely outside again. 

They claim there will be a vaccine for Covid-19 by the time of the election in November. I hope it is true and I hope it works. I would love to mingle with friends and family indoors again, that's for sure. Some might be reading this and wondering why I don't just hang out with friends now as long as we keep our bubble small. One, who knows if any friends in this small bubble breaks out of the bubble at any point? I can't track everywhere my friends go. Also, I'm slightly higher risk because of my heart condition so I have to be cautious. 

So will Covid-19 end before the Wildfires end? I sure hope not, but it is evident that the fires are the result of climate change. 

So now I not only miss stand-up-comedy, miss my friends, but I also miss fresh air. 

I hope a year from now that I can look at this blog and say "wow, times were a lot worse then" and not "wow, it wasn't as bad then."

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