Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Englander

Last night, August 22nd, I did a show at The Englander Sports Pub & Restaurant. I had known about the comedy shows they did at The Englander for a while, but never had gotten the opportunity to perform there. Before yesterday, they only put on one show a month, featuring two or three comedians. Now they have added a new monthly show which features both professionals and amateurs, so I took part in the first such show last night. The comedy show itself takes place in a separate room from the main bar/restaurant. The showroom has a long stage, lighting, and a mini-bar. The mini-bar wasn't open last night, so a waitress was running back and forth from the bar to the showroom to take care of all the audience members. She did a good job too. The crowd turned out to be quite a good size, which was really cool considering it was the first such show.

I'm looking forward to going back to this place again and definitely suggest this place for any sports fan. When I walked into the bar, they had televisions on showing the Niners-Raiders preseason game, the A's-Tigers games, the Giants-Rockies game, and the Phillies-and "whatever team they played" game.... in addition, they have like 80 beers on tap!

So I will definitely be going back to this place one way or another, whether it is to do another comedy show or not.

Now I must go and get ready for my Fantasy Football Draft.


  1. you have a thing for guys named johnson! sounds cool, i will try to go there with you next time. i would have watched the games more then the comedians

  2. The games were on in the bar... the comedy show took place in the other room.