Sunday, August 2, 2009

Three Nights

On July 28, 2009, I booked a special one night only show in conjunction with Capital T. Productions at the Historic Hoover Theater. I had never performed at the Historic Hoover Theater, so I decided to take a few pictures of the place.
                                     Looking at the stage of the Historic Hoover Theatre.

                                                Looking at the audience from the stage.

I was impressed with the theatre, which hold almost 200 people. We ended up drawing about 40 people, not bad for a Tuesday night and a show that was promoted mostly by word of mouth. The comedians I selected to be in the show were Sammy Meeker, Brian Salwasser, Candy Churilla, Richgail Enriquez, Dan Wilson, Michael Slack, and Kurt Weitzmann. I was emcee for the show and Weitzmann was the headliner. All the comedians were received well and comedians even walked away with a little money. Richgail is a co-worker of mine and just started doing stand-up comedy about 4 months ago... she was really nervous, but did really well. Candy Churilla has since moved on to the finals of California's Funniest Female Competition. All in all, it was a fantastic night. On July 29th and 30th, I did my monthly shows at The Gaslighter in Gilroy and the Morgan Hill Playhouse (in Morgan Hill, duh)... I was the emcee like always for the shows and the comedians were Jason Lane, Rebecca Arthur, and James P. Connolly. Sometimes booking and running these shows seems like a lot of work and I question whether all the work put into it is worth it... but whenever the show is complete and generates the laughs like these shows do, it is totally worth it.

Myself with Rebecca Arthur at the Morgan Hill Playhouse. She won California's Funniest Female Competition in 2004 and demonstrated to the crowd why she was the winner.

                               With headliner James P. Connolly at the Morgan Hill Playhouse.

 I had never met James P. Connolly prior to these shows, but I am glad that he made the trip from Los Angeles to be in these shows. He was a great hit. Check out his comedy on his website. AND NOW, it is time to get to work on August! New shows to be posted to the schedule soon, so keep looking!

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  1. busy man, good shows! or err at least the one i went to was. that woman is scary, is she half wookie? lol