Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A fellow comedian says goodbye

The Bay Area Comedy world lost a good friend today. Known as "Crazy Boy" to many of us, Marvin Rodriguez was a comedian with a huge heart, passion, and energy.

I performed with Marvin at various open mic nights and he was always a fun guy. He suffered two heart attacks and survived them both. Today, I learned he passed away from Cancer.

Back when I ran an open mic/showcase at the El Patron Restaurant in East San Jose, Marvin asked if he could come and headline the show. I told him to stop on by. His material ended up killing that night and had everyone in the place laughing. He would come by again and it was always good to see him. He gave me the opportunity to perform at his CD Recording Show at the Quarter Note in Sunnyvale. I accepted the offer. The Quarter Note was packed that night. Nobody can ever say that Marvin did not promote his shows. He promoted the hell out of them and you couldn't ask for anything more as a booker and as a fellow comedian.

You will be missed Crazy Boy, rest in peace.

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