Saturday, May 23, 2009

Your joke is in the mail

On Monday, 5/18, I received a magazine in the mail. Now, this is not a magazine that I subscribe to, but it was addressed to me. It is Parents Magazine. I got a good chuckle out of it and found it to be interesting that it arrived in my mailbox 4 days after my girlfriend broke up with me. Was there something she didn't tell me?... I joked. The came Tuesday, and again, there was another Parents Magazine waiting for me in the mailbox. Already the next issue!

Is someone playing a joke on me, I thought. Two days in a row, really? Did I get really drunk again? Is this because they know I just got a new four-door 2008 Honda Civic and that means that I am looking to start a family? (look at the magazine on the left "Best Car Bargains for Families").... And ya know what? I still haven't thrown them away. Maybe I can get a MILF this way! Hey, there is a 20% coupon to Gymboree inside. I can't let that go to waste, can I? Okay, yes I can. I went to the bank today and my roommate waited in the car. I didn't even roll down the window for him... maybe I should look more at these magazines.


  1. Yeah thanks for being CONSIDERATE and leaving me in the car to die due to a heat stroke. Yeah you would not make a good father, and you should look into reading those magazines so you are prepared when the situation happens again.

  2. maybe you can get the milf from mountain mikes?