Saturday, May 2, 2009

The April Gilroy and Morgan Hill Shows

The monthly comedy shows that I produce and host were this week at The Gaslighter in Gilroy on Wednesday, April 29th, and Morgan Hill Playhouse on Thursday, April 30th. Both shows went great. The comedians I had on the bill with me for April were Jim Panetta, Beth Schumann, and headliner Kenny Kane.

Both shows went really well. Kenny Kane even got a standing ovation at the end of the show on Wednesday. It was well deserved.

I have known Jim Panetta for a while now. We both started our comedy careers around the same time and performed many shows together at The Gaslighter that used to be in Campbell. He was only 16 years old then and now he is still just 21. It is always cool to see people get early starts in stand-up. It will definitely prove to be in his favor. I appreciate Jim's comedy greatly. Having worked with him before, I understand his comedy and where he is coming from. A lot of people are shocked by the edgy material that comes from his mouth, but this is a guy who has lost his father and has a mother who has been to rehab on more than one occasion... oh, and he also dropped out of high school. Jim's set is based on truth and his motto his "The Truth is Said in Jest." He has always been one of my favorites to work with and watch him grow.

Beth Schumann and I go a ways back as well. I met her while I was doing my courses at the San Francisco Comedy College and have performed with her at other bay area venues along the way. She is a quirky personality that I always enjoy watching perform and definitely high on the list of my favorite female comics.

As for Kenny Kane... I cannot say enough good things about him. The man is a huge ball of energy. Think along the lines of Robin Williams type energy with some of the crazy antics of Jim Carrey. The man knows how to get the audience involved. I met Kenny for the first time a couple years ago when he did the Morgan Hill show and rocked it then. Go check out Kenny Kane perform sometime if you get the chance and you will know exactly what I mean.

Kenny Kane and me in Morgan Hill

In May, we will have another great show. Mickey Joseph will be the headliner. Come on and check it out if you can. Just be sure to get there early as the shows have a good chance of selling out! Visit or for more info!

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